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CREATION FILING - Name Availability   Help

Using the Name Availability Search services on this page you can determine if a name is available for creation. If available, you can then perform a creation filing. If you have already reserved name, click Enter Reserved Name ID.

STEP 1: : Enter a name and click Perform a Name Availability Search. The system performs a search of the Puerto Rico Department of State corporations and entities database to determine if the name is already in use. If your proposed name resembles any existing name, the search returns a list of entities and/or Reserved Names that are in conflict. To view specific details on conflicts, click the entity's name or reserved name in search results. If the system does not return any conflicts, you can proceed with a creation filing. If system detects conflicts but you have reserved name ID for that name, click Enter Reserved Name ID.

STEP 2: Initiate the Registration Filing. Accept the conditional terms, then click the Next button.

Special considerations for Name Availability: Once you begin the filing the selected name will be locked and no other filer will be able to create an entity with a similar name. It is highly recommended you perform your filing immediately after determining your proposed name is available or reserve the name in case you want to register later.

If you are converting an entity not registered in the Registry, use the "Convert" option, do not use this transaction.

If you have a reserved name that you want to use for registration, click here:

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