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2020 ANNUAL DUE   Help

Citizens can file Annual Reports or pay Annual Dues for a corporation by following step by step filing instructions. Payments with American Express, MasterCard, or Visa will be accepted.

Required information is indicated which prevents rejection of the filing for incomplete information. Information provided online this year will be available on next year’s report to edit or file without any changes for future years. Payment details, and the ability to view images of the filed document are presented to confirm that the filing was accepted by PR DOS.

  • 2020 Annual Reports are due on May 21, 2021.
  • 2020 Annual Report Extension extends the due date for your annual report until July 19, 2021. Extension may be purchased by making an advance payment for your Annual Report before May 21, 2021. You are still required to file the report by July 19, 2021 to avoid penalties.
  • 2020 Additional Extension may be purchased from May 22, 2021 through July 19, 2021 if you have prepaid for your Annual Report. Additional Extensions will be valid until November 22, 2021.

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